Welcome to my blog, Susan’s Photo Solutions!  I plan to post helpful photo organizing and scrapbooking information here, along with fun ideas.  I hope you’ll follow along!

I love photos. They help us celebrate our greatest moments and remember the special people, places and events that make up a well-lived life.

If you’ve ever looked for a way to tell a child how much they’re loved, a spouse why they’re appreciated, or friends or family what they mean to you, I’ve got the products and advice to help.

Creative Memories is back and we’re better than ever! See our product line at www.creativememories.com/user/susan.

We’ve also got digital options for you! Forever Historian makes it so easy  to organize and edit your digital photos, while Forever Artisan allows you to easily create your own custom photo books, cards, calendars, wall art and more with our full line of Digital Artwork and Pre-Designed Pages. Upload your project to Forever Print to order and your beautiful books and other projects will be delivered to your door.

For ideas, tips and up to the minute news, follow me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/SusanBrandesCreativeMemoriesConsultant and follow my Pinterest boards at www.pinterest.com/susanscroproom.

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